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Welcome to Aquaponics Revolution, the website where you can learn aquaponics. You will find here free backyard aquaponics information and online training courses. We believe that everyone should be able to produce sustainable, healthy and tasty food in his backyard. Our mission is to spread aquaponics and help you to grow food for you and your family.

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Backyard Aquaponics Online Training Courses

Aquaponics is a fascinating method of growing sustainable fish and vegetables. Jonathan guides you towards self-sufficiency. Let’s feed your family with healthy food thanks to Aquaponics!


How to move aquaponics fish?

If you have an existing aquaponics system and need to move, you may be interested to know the whole process. Few weeks ago I made a video on “How to move an aquaponics system” there. Today I want to show you how to move the aquaponics fish....

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