If you follow me for a while, you know that I am often pointing out the weaknesses of our food production system. Today, the COVID19 demonstrates those defects, let’s see how aquaponics can help the coronavirus situation…

Cities are completely dependent on supermarkets

Today, around 55% of the world population is living in cities. by 2050 it will raise to 68% which means two-thirds of the global population. Urban people are completely relying on supermarkets. On the surface, everything seems to be working well. However, problems appear if anything happens to the supply chain or if the demand unpredictably increases. In this case, part of the population may live on their reserves (in other words not much). In worst situation people could starve and it could lead to civil war.

Supermarkets are dependent on transport

Currently the food is produced far from where it is consumed. Unfortunately, this situation means that the crop is harvested before maturity. Also, the transport and logistic requests human labor and has a high energy cost. The outcome is that we consume low quality food with a high impact on the environment.

Social disorder

The current food system put the society in a very risky position. Both the quality and the quantity of food are threaten. We know for fact that very few nutrients are present in the food sold in supermarkets. Furthermore, the corona virus revealed panic movements. We can see people fighting for food. People in cities have such low confidence in the system that they try to stockpile food…

The solution? Producing local food…

50 years ago, people were producing part of their own food. Why did this good practice disappear?
My parents used to have a garden and a chicken coop. Ok, I have to admit it, I didn’t grow up in a large city. But even in a city, you can produce part of your food and I am here to tell you about it.

Many of us have to stay home home because of the “confinement”. It can be a difficult time but we must remain positive. Let’s take this opportunity to learn a new skill and make a positive difference in this world. You can learn to grow some food at home.

Aquaponics can help in this coronavirus situation

aquaponics systems helping coronavirus situation

Aquaponics could help the coronavirus situation

What you can do at home…

I am specialised in aquaponics and will help you to grow healthy, tasty and sustainable crop. But, aquaponics is only one of the many possibilities to grow some food at home.

If you live in an appartment, your possibilities to grow food at home are limited. However, you can produce a bit of food in pots near your windows or on your balcony. If you have a terrace or backyard, you can grow more food at a larger scale. You will have different options. Raised beds and wicking beds are good when managed properly, following natural principals.

Aquaponics to help the coronavirus situation

If you want to produce food without effort, I recommend you to grow food in aquaponics. An aquaponics system can be added to an existing garden. The mix of different food production techniques makes the whole even more robust. This is the beauty of diversity. I recommend to have a mix of aquaponics and classic gardens. You can sometimes use the aquaponics water to water your classic garden. The productivity is then boosted in a sustainable way.

As we now have more time (due to this confinement), we can come back to “real life”. In other words, spending some time with the people we love. Doing activities with purpose such as cooking and growing food.

When you have a 9 to 5 job, it may be difficult to find the motivation to cook when you have finished your “working day”. Now is a good time to go back to real food. There is nothing better than a nice dish cooked with love. The present time offers us the opportunity to do just that.

Home-grown herbs and veggies

When it comes to cooking, nothing is better than using fresh home-grown herbs and veggies. If you grow part of your own food at home, you will feel proud and fulfilled. Also, you will feel safer as you will be able to fulfill your needs no matter what the large scale food system is doing. Finally, the food you cook will be tasty and you will enjoy cooking it.

Decrease the main source of contamination

There is only one main source of contamination in this time of coronavirus confinement. This is when you do your shopping that you take risks of contamination. If you grow part of your own food at home, it will allow you to decrease your shopping frequency. From this point of view, aquaponics and gardening can save your life.

Where to start!

Aquaponics is not a matter of work but of knowledge. Now is the perfect time to learn about nature and grow your own food at home. start your own aquaponics system now. I offer you my support and together we can change the whole food system.

With an aquaponics garden, you have a reliable source of food. It doesn’t require hours of work and produce 10 times more vegetables than fish. It allows you to increase your self-sufficiency and to feel safer.

I am not going through all the advantages of aquaponics in this article. But I recommend you to watch this video. There, I documented an experiment between a classic garden and an aquaponics system. The outcome is very interesting.
If you want to start aquaponics, I offer you a free support through the free training. You will learn how to build your knowledge and your first aquaponics system.

You will probably be interested to discover my six steps to build and manage an Aquaponics system. Click here to access for free! Thanks and good reading 🙂