Golden trout growing fast in aquaponics!

Few weeks ago, I released a video about golden trout in aquaponics. I explained some advantages of this fish. Today is a follow-up on those same fish. As you can see from the video, the fish doubled in size in no time. Golden trout are “cold water fish”, they continue eating in aquaponics even during winter. We are experiencing the coldest months of the year in Melbourne. In my tanks, the temperature is close to 8C. However, they are still very active and some of them now reach the plate size. The colour pattern is great, they are stunning.

The system can’t keep up

Those golden trout are currently growing in a very small aquaponics system. Unfortunately, the 20 fish are now reaching the maximum biomass capacity of the setup. I have 20 fish of average 200g which is 4kg of fish biomass for a grow-bed volume of only 200 litres. Therefore, I need to either harvest a few fish or to offer/sell some around. Thankfully, being localized in a large city (Melbourne), I don’t have any issue to find people looking for this type of fish. The colour pattern is so nice, this fish is perfect for ornamental ponds as well. Reducing the population to 15 fish will allow me to keep them until they all reach the plate size of 250-300g. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little follow up video. It shows the fast growth and beauty of this high potential fish. Hopefully this overview will inspire to grow this lovely fish in your backyard.

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